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dia - Lightweight Diagram Processor

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The application described by this document, dia, is a lightweight processor for tklib diagram files

dia is based upon the package diagram. See it for examples and language reference.


dia was written with the following two use cases in mind.

  1. Processing and display of one or more diagram files.

  2. Batch conversion of one or more diagram files into raster image files.


dia show inputfile...

This is the form for use case [1]. The application opens a gui showing the list of input files to the left, allowing the user to choose which of them to render to the canvas on the right.

dia convert -o output format inputfile...

This is the form for use case [2]. The application converts the input files into raster image of the specified format.

path output (in)

This argument specifies where to write the generated image. It can be the path to a file or directory.

If the output does not exist then [file dirname $output] has to exist and must be a writable directory.

In case of multiple input files the generated image will be written to a file in the directory, and the name of that file will be derived from the inputfile, and format.

In case of a single input file the generated image will be written to the file.

(handle) format (in)

This argument specifies the image format to convert the diagrams into when processing the input. The application recognizes all formats supported by the Img package, i.e. for which it can load a package img::format

path inputfile (in)

This argument specifies the path to the diagram file to process. It has to exist, must be readable, and written in diagram format.


This document, and the application it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such in the category diagram of the Tcllib SF Trackers. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have for either application and/or documentation.


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