Tcl Community Association
Current Activities: US Conference: Oct 25-29 2011 -- Google Summer of Code

Birds of a feather flock together

Each year Google provides funding for students to work on Open Source projects. Any open source project that has enough organization to manage the projects and students is welcome to apply.

The Tcl Community has been working with Google on the Summer of Code projects since 2008. We have a large pool of experienced mentors and administrators. Our mentors have experience working with local and remote students at graduate and undergraduate levels.

The students who participate in a Tcl project are welcomed into the Tcl Community. You can receive help not only from your mentor, but from dozens of active Tcl experts around the world.

There is also an opportunity for recognition of your work beyond just the money Google provides.

A full session is dedicated to the GSoC work at the annual Tcl/Tk conference. Students who complete their project and write a paper are given a reduced registration rate and are invited to deliver their paper, and get it published in the proceedings.

The Tcl language was the first scripting language designed for easy extensibility and embeddability. It's easy to add new features to the language with C, C++ or even Java code. It's also easy to embed the Tcl interpreter into C, C++, Java or even FORTRAN application to add scripting support to a package that's otherwise hard to configure.

Tcl is used in Cisco routers, most Electronic Design packages, many medical/health packages and factory automation. It's a tool-of-choice for embedding into an application where it can make life easier without being obvious.

Here are a few resources to get you started with Tcl/Tk

Web Tutorial
An online Tcl tutorial
CAI Tutorial Application
A computer aided instruction GUI for learning Tcl. Includes the ability to write and test code, color coded errors and self-tests.
A Quick Introduction to Tcl/Tk
A set of lessons in using Tcl/Tk to write simple games.
Tcl/Tk interpreters for Windows, Mac and Linux
ActiveState provides a free distribution for Tcl/Tk that runs on most of the modern platforms.
A smart editor for working with Tcl/Tk
Komodo-Edit is a smart editor for several languages including Tcl, Python and Perl.